March 2021
Hawaii Tourism Board site "Go Hawaii"Art on the theme of environmental issues ""Save Our Seas" will be introduced.

June 2020
Introduced as the No. 1 artist in Hawaii's attention to NHK's "The world is full of things you want".

February 2019
Introducing the "Hawaii House" home, which introduces the homes of diverse people living in the Hawaiian Islands.


November 2018
In the January 2019 issue of GOODS PRESS special edition, your home will be introduced as a fashionable interior in Hawaii.

 October 2018
S Home is introduced in "Hawaii Interior Style Book Vol.2" with the theme of home and interior in Hawaii.

 January 2020
Introduced as an Oahu artist in the separate volume "Modern Luxury Hawaii Inside's Guide 2020", a popular lifestyle information magazine in Hawaii.

 July 2019
Selected as one of the 10 top artists living in Hawaii by the newspaper "USA TODAY" sold all over the United States.

 May 2019
Introduced as a hot Hawaii artist in Hawaii's information magazine "Hawaii Magazine".