[Sarah Caudle] Calender2023


Art by Hawaiian artist Sarah Caudle.
Her work, which depicts the nature of Hawaii, the blue sea and waves with dynamic colors, flowing movements, and organic compositions, is filled with peace and aloha, and heals the hearts of those who see it.

Sarah Caudle 2023 Calendar

It has been well received every year,Sarah Caudlecalendar.
This time, I drew a beautiful golden sunset"Golden"And I drew a fantastic purple scene"Dolphin Daze", resin art most popular"Happy Turtle"Such,SarahBut2021We have selected mainly the art titles drawn in the year.

again,2020A collaboration between the sea and cherry blossoms, which was planned to come to Japan and sell before the corona disaster.”Cherry Blossoms"also unveiled for the first time.

The beautiful art of is a luxurious specification that changes every month, so you can add the essence of Hawaii to your daily life.
It is also recommended as a year-end greeting gift.

■Art used January Golden, February Wailea, March Beach Love,
Cherry Blossoms、May Malino, JuneSurf Life
July Summer Daze, August Happy Honu, September Maluhia, October Dolphin Daze

November Waves of Happiness, December Adventure Sprits 

Spread size: W29.7 x H42.0 (cm) (A3 size)
■ Number of pages: 28 pages in full color
■Period: Monthly: January 2023 to December 2023 (starts on Sunday)
*Although we have made every effort to make the product photos as close to the actual color as possible, the color of the actual product may differ depending on your monitor settings, room lighting, etc.

*If the total purchase amount is within ¥6,500, it will be delivered by Nekoposu (posted). Therefore, please note that it is not possible to specify the date and time.