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Q: What is Giclée?

A: Giclée means high quality fine art prints that can be printed with an inkjet printer using archive media (that is, acid-free paper, archive coated canvas) to obtain even higher image quality. With this printing method, your work will last a long time and you can enjoy it for years!


Q: What is the most important archive material (preservation paper)? What is acid-free paper?

A: It is an important factor for you to enjoy your work for many years by using archive material (preservation paper) for original paintings and art giclée prints! For original paintings, use high quality art resin, primed wooden panels with cradle, and professional grade acrylic pigments to prevent yellowing, cracking, color and vibrant fading of the painting.

For all art giclée prints, you can use archive paper (preservation paper) and do it at a local print shop that specializes in replicating works of art, and you can last for more than 100 years. The fact that it does not contain acid means that the archive paper has a pH adjusted in advance in order to prevent deterioration and discoloration (yellowing).


Q: What is the difference between Open Edition and Limited Edition?

A: Open EddieShiYou do not sign or number your hands. This means that you can print your work in different sizes and quantities.

Printed matter with a limited number of copies is available​​Signed and numbered by La. This means that the amount of prints produced on a particular size and medium is limited. For example, the number isIf you have 6/10 prints, it means that a total of 10 prints are made and there is a 6th print.


Q: What is a resin print?

A: Resin print is open eddyShiThis is a professional canvas giclée print from Yong, finished with a resin coat that has the same glossy finish as the original painting. Resin print is open eddyShiBeing a member, it cannot be signed or numbered by hand.


Q: What is matte printing?

A: A matte print is a giclée print on acid-free paper for storage only, protected by a bright white front mat and back mat, and then attached to the frame.