About the handling of resin art

The resin art drawn by Sarah uses high-precision epoxy resin (resin). In the original original picture, acrylic paint is mixed with the resin, and the layers are layered and drawn one by one over time. Epoxy resin is cured by a chemical reaction that occurs when it is mixed, but in the process of slowly curing over time, small bubbles may pop and the surface may sink. In addition, small accidents that occur during the drawing process may give the art its own characteristics, such as paint splatters and lumps, small fibers mixed in, and adhesion to the surface. Especially in the original original picture, Sarah himself draws the whole process one by one, so many of these features are born. The difference is the individuality, texture and way of enjoying this resin art, so we hope that you will enjoy each work drawn by Sarah's inspiration after acknowledging the above. Also, please note that the color and texture of the photo may look slightly different from the photo depending on your device and viewing environment.

A warranty is attached to the original original picture and the limited edition art. In addition to the original original picture and limited edition, the warranty card clearly states the art title, size, drawn year, date of purchase, and serial number for the limited edition. increase. (From works purchased after March 2021)

Resin art is very delicate. This is a delicate work, so please be careful not to apply strong force or pull it. Also, when decorating the wall or placing it, please consider the danger of falling and fix it firmly. In households with small children, the elderly, or pets, please be careful not to get injured by falling or accidentally swallowing the fragments. If you are injured, seek medical advice.


The texture of resin art may change in a few years due to ultraviolet rays. In order to keep the shine and prevent yellowing, we recommend that you decorate it in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight as much as possible. However, since it uses a highly durable resin, there is no yellowing or deterioration due to LEDs or light bulbs. Avoiding hot and humid places, bright places and illuminated places are the secrets to making art look beautiful, so please try it.

Gently wipe the surface about once a week with a soft, fluff-free, dry cloth or a special soft cloth for polishing gems and precious metals. You can also wear cotton gloves for moisturizing care that are commercially available at pharmacies and wipe them directly with the gloves. This is the recommended method because it will not be scratched and will not have new fingerprints.

If the surface of the resin gets dirty or has fingerprints on it, first prepare a glass cleaner and a soft cloth, a heating gun, or a hair dryer. If you do not have a cleaner, follow the same procedure. With the art fixed so that it does not move (lay a towel etc. on the table to prevent the art from slipping), bring a heating gun or hair dryer close to 4 to 5 cm from the surface of the art 100 Apply hot air from ℃ to 150 ℃. (In the case of a commercially available hair dryer, the temperature will be 100 ° C to 140 ° C.) Polish with a soft cloth sprayed with the cleaner 1.2 times while applying hot air. It may seem long, but polish it while applying heat for about 5 seconds to each part, and gradually shift the position to polish fingerprints, dull parts, and the entire surface of the art. It will not melt or be damaged by hot air, so please feel free to go. We recommend moisturizing gloves as you normally do.

Even if you don't polish it, just by applying hot air, the surface will not be cloudy and the gloss will be restored, so please try it once.

If you have any problems or questions after the art arrives, please contact us by e-mail or phone "after taking a picture". After arrival7Within a day, we will respond to returns or exchanges. However, each resin art has its own individuality, and especially in the original original picture, the paint splattering, the resin dripping condition, the way bubbles enter, etc. are different one by one, so returns or exchanges for these reasons are not possible. Please note that we cannot do this. By all means, I hope you can enjoy the unique personality and texture of handmade products. Also, after purchase7If the corner is chipped due to a fall after the day has passed, we will repair it. We will charge a repair fee according to the shipping fee and chipping, but please feel free to contact us by email or phone first.