Sarah Caudle
Sarah Caudle is an artist inspired by the beauty of nature. The colours of the Hawaiian ocean, the movement of the waves, the colour of the sand - in her hands, they instantly sparkle and shine like jewels, and everyone who sees her work will be captivated by it.
Through her art, Sarah wants to show people to cherish the beautiful present moment and to never lose hope when faced with the challenges and unpredictable things that life can throw at you. Sarah's art is full of peace and aloha, healing and encouraging the viewer.


Sarah Caudle is back.

Great art can be found here.

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Matted Prints

Why don't you decorate the beautiful art drawn by Sarah as an interior? We also have an original wood frame that matches the size.

created with aloha

I don't draw a specific beach, but an expression of what I was inspired by that beach. The beach is a place where my body feels alive, my mind is free and my feelings are rejuvenated. While painting the beach, the world feels stationary and all my worries are washed away. I'm pouring my heart and soul into each piece of work-Sarah