About Artist

Draw the jewelry-artist who draws jewels

Sarah Caudle

  Sarah Cardle is a unique artist who uses resin to convey the beautiful charm of Hawaii through abstract paintings with the motif of the sea and nature. Her work, which depicts Hawaii's nature, blue sea and waves with dynamic colors, flowing expression style, and organic composition, is full of peace and aloha, and heals the heart of the viewer. Born in Georgia. After studying design at university, I started to want to live in a place surrounded by the sea after traveling, so I moved to Oahu. Sarah's work uses epoxy resin (resin) and paints on wooden panels, and is finished with skillful colors while layering more carefully, giving it a unique three-dimensional effect and transparency. All the colors of the sea and the movement of the waves she saw are depicted like shining jewels, and once you see them, you can't help but stop and see.    

  Since her first visit to Japan in 2018, her popularity has grown year by year, and after being introduced on NHK in June 2020, she received more attention. However, at the end of December 2021, it was announced that the production of original drawings for sale would be suspended indefinitely and that efforts would be made to spread and support Hawaiian artists. I dream of a day when I can meet her beautiful and jewel-like works again.

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