Sarah Caudle(サラ カードル)

 レジン(樹脂)を使用し、海や自然をモチーフにした抽象画を通してハワイの美しい魅力を伝える個性的なアーティスト、サラ カードル。ダイナミックな色彩と流れるような動きのある表現スタイル、有機的な構図でハワイの自然や青い海や波を描いた彼女の作品は安らぎとアロハに満ち、見るものの心を癒してくれます。 ジョージア州出身。大学でデザインを学び、旅行をきっかけにいつしか海に囲まれた場所で暮らしたいと思い始め、オアフ島に移住しました。サラの作品は、木製パネルにエポキシレジン(樹脂)と絵具を使用し、一層一層丁寧に重ねながら巧みな色使いで仕上げており、独特の立体感と透明感があります。そこには、彼女が目にした海の色や波の動きの全てがまるで輝く宝石のように描かれ、一度目にしたら立ち止まって見ずにはいられません。    


Sarah Caudle is a unique artist who uses resin to convey the beauty of Hawaii through her abstract paintings of the ocean and nature. Her dynamic colors, fluid style of expression, and organic compositions of nature, the blue ocean, and the waves of Hawaii are filled with peacefulness and aloha, and soothe the viewer's heart. A native of Georgia, she studied design in college. She studied design in college, and after traveling around the world, she decided that she wanted to live in a place surrounded by the ocean, so she moved to Oahu. Sarah's works are created with epoxy resin and paint on wooden panels, carefully layered layer by layer and finished with skillful use of color, giving them a unique three-dimensionality and transparency. The colors of the ocean and the movement of the waves she sees are all depicted like shining jewels, making it impossible not to stop and look at them once you see them.  

Since her first visit to Japan in 2018, her popularity has gained momentum year by year, and after her introduction on NHK in June 2020, she attracted even more attention. However, at the end of December 2021, she announced that she will indefinitely suspend the production of original paintings for sale and focus her efforts on promoting and supporting Hawaiian artists. We hope to see her beautiful and jewel-like works of art again...