【Sarah Caudle / サラカードル】”Getaway ”Open Edition Resin Art on Wood


【Sarah Caudle / サラカードル】”Getaway ”Open Edition Resin Art on Wood - 6×12inch(約15×30cm) is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

"Adventure Sprit 5"
Go outside, explore and try new things! The world is waiting for you to enjoy.
The composition of the waves coming in from an angle and the gold glitter of the sandy beach that reflects in the sunlight are beautiful works.

Open Edition Resin Art on Wood
(Open Edition Resin Art on Wood)
Resin art is a sighingly beautiful art in which Sarah's original image converted into high-resolution data is printed in high quality, pasted on a wood panel, and lame and layers of resin are poured over it. All are licensed products officially reproduced under the direction of Sarah. The glitter that expresses the glittering sea and the three-dimensional effect of the beach give off a brilliance like the original original picture drawn by Sarah. The shadows and luster created by the light shine can be enjoyed differently over time.

■ Size: 6 × 12inch (approx. 15 × 30cm) Depth approx. 3.6cm

* A certificate of Sarah Caudle Art will be attached.
* We will deliver it in a box.
* Since 1 point and 1 point lame are applied, the appearance may differ from the photo.
* Due to the nature of the resin, there may be irregularities when it cures, but please enjoy it as a personality.
* If the item is out of stock, please make a reservation. (It will take about 2 months to deliver.)

We use high quality resin to prevent yellowing, cracking and clouding over time. Please decorate it away from direct sunlight so that the gloss of the resin looks beautiful. Also, be careful not to touch the surface directly.
To remove dirt, spray a glass cleaner and wipe with a soft cloth.
The resin will not crack, but it may be scratched, so handle with care. For detailed handling of resin art, please seeHereplease look at.