【Sarah Caudle / サラカードル】”Olu'olu" Open Edition Resin Art on Acrylic



【Sarah Caudle / サラカードル】”Olu'olu" Open Edition Resin Art on Acrylic - 12×18inch(約30×45cm) is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Olu'olu means happiness and is part of the word “Aloha”. It is important for us to find happiness within ourselves so we can emote good feelings to others.

Open Edition Resin Art on Acrylic
data in high resolutionSarahIt is a modern and stylish art that prints the original picture of , pastes it on acrylic, and pours lame and several layers of resin over it. The thickness of the acrylic creates a sense of depth, the depth of color, and the good color development.SarahMake your art stand out more.

12×18inch (about 30×45cm)Depth 2.7cm (inner acrylic part: about 0.7cm)
18×27inch(about 45×67.5cm)Depth 2.7cm(内アクリル部分:約0.7cm)
24×36inch (about 60×90cm)Depth 2.7cm (inner acrylic part: about 0.7cm)

*A certificate of Sarah Caudle Art will be attached.
*I put it in the box and send it.
*Since it is lame applied one by one, it may look different from the photo.
* Due to the nature of the resin, there may be unevenness when curing, but please enjoy it as a unique feature.
*If there is no stock, we will accept reservations. (It will take about 2 months to deliver.)

We use high quality resin that will not yellow, crack or cloud over time. Please keep away from direct sunlight so that the resin shines beautifully. Also, be careful not to touch the surface directly.
To clean, spray glass cleaner and wipe with a soft cloth.
The resin will not crack, but it may be scratched, so please handle it with care. For detailed characteristics and handling methods of resin art,herePlease refer to the.