[Sarah Caudle] 2022 Ornaments Set of 2


Art by Hawaiian artist Sarah Caudle.
Her work, which depicts the nature of Hawaii, the blue sea and waves with dynamic colors, flowing movements, and organic compositions, is filled with peace and aloha, and heals the hearts of those who see it.

2022 Ornament
A 2022 limited edition ornament that is only available during the holiday season. This year's two-piece set is "Oasis", which is popular for its pink parasol, and "Adventure Sprit6", which is emerald green and accented with honu. Hang it on your tree during the holiday season, then hang it on your windowsill or wall to enjoy the Aloha feeling all year round.It comes in a nice gift box, so it's perfect as a gift! ! A limited edition ornament that Sarah collectors will want to collect every year!

An oasis is a place of tranquility that symbolizes abundance and hope.
I expressed the scene with a pink parasol and three sea turtles.

Adventure Spirit6
Get out, explore, and try new things! The world is waiting for you to enjoy.

■Size: With raffia string
(Please tie it in any way you like.)

■Material: Acrylic
(It is printed on acrylic and does not use resin.)

*If the total amount of your purchase is within ¥6,500, it will be delivered by Nekoposu (posted in a mailbox), so please note that you cannot specify the date and time.